Cold Springs

Laguna is known for their hot springs, but did you know that they have cold ones too? Well look no further because I’ll tell you where. Here is one place where you can beat the heat this summer with less than P1000 budget and just about 2 hours away from the metro.


9am: Ride a bus from Cubao going to San Pablo, Laguna, inform the bus attendant that you are heading to Bato Springs Resort so they can drop you off

12noon: Drop off at Maharlika Highway with the Bato Springs Resort signboard (Landmark: 7-11), ride a tricycle going to the resort

12:15pm: Arrival at Bato Springs Resort, pay entrance fee, rent a locker or a cottage where you can keep your things

12:30pm Lunchtime, there are food canteens inside the resort and they are priced just right.

1pm: Swim time

5pm: Wash time, prep to go home

6pm: Ride a bus going to Manila

Bato Springs Resort

Said to be located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, the water from the mentioned mountain flows down the resort, making the water cold. With the three of us, only one was brave enough to swim in their pool because the water was really really cold. I felt like I will freeze if I will not move from my spot in the pool. So instead, I just took pictures of the place.

Tip: They also offer rooms if you want to stay for the night. Just inquire at the entrance of the resort for the prices. There are also cotrages good for big groups, perfect for team building or family gatherings.


Bus ride: P138x2

Tricycle ride to and from the resort: P50x2

Entrance Fee:P70

Locker rental: P100

Total: P546 (exclusive of meals)

Ready for summer? Start planning your adventures now. Head to Bato Springs Resort and experience their cold springs and enjoy nature.

Til next trip loves!

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