Jomalig for a Cause

Last July, my workmates and I went to Jomalig Island, Quezon to take part of a beach clean-up drive and outreach program for Barangay Salibungot and other neighboring communities. It’s a great experience for me because I was able to reach out to those who are less fortunate, experience their hospitality, and be one with them while enjoying the beauty of the island.

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🌟How to get there:🌟


πŸ”΅Day 1

πŸ•›12am: Ride a bus near Legarda Station, LRT Line 2, (Raymond Bus), travel time 5 to 6 hours

Tip: Be at the bus station by 11pm or earlier, the bus will start its trip once seats are occupied. The boat ride to Jomalig Island is Β around 6am, and suceeding rides are usually by private hire only.

We arrived at the bus station exactly 12am, but the bus already left. Here’s a pic while we are waiting for the next bus to Real.

πŸ••6am: Alight at Real Quezon, ride a tricycle going to the port, then ride a boat going to Jomalig Island, travel time 5 to 6 hours, depending on passenger count, less passenger means less travel time. You can have free lunch at the boat if you’re lucky!

Touchdown Real! Beautiful sunrise.

πŸ•›12pm: Arrival at Jomalig Island, explore, photo ops

From L-R: Jayvee, Euanne, Frank, Myself, Randy, and Ma’am Charles

πŸ•1pm: Rest then lunch, boodle fight style

Boodle fight lunch prepared by the members of Byaheng Budgetarian who came earlier(Friday) than us(TeamSabado).

πŸ•‘2pm: Tent pitching

My second time setting up a tent, I need more practice! *thinking of buying my own*

πŸ•’3pm: Swim time

πŸ•”5pm: Start of Outreach Program

Jomalig Kids

πŸ•–7pm: Swim time

πŸ•—8pm: Wash time then dinner

πŸ•˜9pm: Socials

πŸ•™10pm: Sleep under the stars

πŸ”΅Day 2

πŸ••6am: Wake up time

πŸ•–7am: Breakfast

πŸ•—8am: Swim time, photo ops, beach clean up

πŸ•™10am: Prep to go home

πŸ•›12pm: Boat ride back to Real, lunch at the boat

πŸ•”5pm: Bus ride back to Manila

Thank you Byaheng Budgetarian for introducing us to Jomalig Island and letting us be part of the Outreach Program. Let us continue to help others while exploring new destinations!

πŸ“·: All photos are by Ma’am Rizaly, one of my workmates, our photographer for the event.Β 

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