Exploring Samar

For my Holy Week holiday, our family went to my father’s hometown at General MacArthur, Eastern Samar. The last time that we visited was on 2011 when we celebrated my graduation from college and passing of licensure examination. This time around, we visited some relatives and discovered new places in Eastern Samar. In here I will share some of them for those who might want to see something out of the ordinary.

Day 0

Dusk, captured during our flight.

Our flight from Manila to Tacloban was pushed to 5pm instead of 3:55pm, an email notified me, sent by Cebu Pacific Air. We arrived at Tacloban at 6pm, 20 minutes early on our ETA. We bought dinner at Robinson’s Tacloban before heading to General MacArthur, Eastern Samar, passing the longest bridge that connects Leyte and Samar, San Juanico Bridge. We were home by 8:30pm and asleep by 10pm, recharging for the coming busy days ahead of us.

Good morning! The view waiting outside will make you want to start your day right away.

Day 1

Inside St. Anthony de Padua Church

Still in the process of rebuilding, the church stands proud facing the sea.

First in the itinerary was to attend the Holy Mass at St. Anthony de Padua Church in Sulangan, Guiuan, Eastern Samar. We go here everytime we are back at Samar. The drive from General MacArthur was around 2 hours.

Going to the church, you’ll see various views of the sea. During the summer, they hold surfing competitions here.

Aside from the church, you can also see the sea and buy souvenirs as well.

Lunch with this view at Marcelo’s Place. They also have rooms here if you want to stay.

We had lunch at Marcelo’s Place in Guian, overlooking the sea with boats going to various nearby islands. We ordered sinigang, chop suey, and kinilaw, ending the meal with their special halo-halo.

Last but not the least is this bowl of milky halo-halo. Yum yum!

After visiting some relatives at nearby barangays in General MacArthur, I called it a night.

Day 2

This banner will greet you at Canhugas Nature Park.

Seas the day! We went to Canhugas Nature Park, Hernani, Eastern Samar on a Holy Thursday. This area was discovered after Typhoon Yolanda struck Samar. Now LGU’s are supervising it as a local attraction to support tourism in the place.

The rocks act us shield from the sea down below.

💲Entrance Fee: Day tour only. They don’t have room accommodations here.

Child above 3: 5php

Residents: 10php

Locals: 20php

Foreign: 50php

Tables and chairs for rent inside the nature park. Park attendants will readily assist you on where will you like to stay inside the park.

🌞Tables and chairs are for rent inside ranging from 50php to 200php. Best spots are the ones inside the caves. ☺

Canhugas Depth Pool, 6 feet in depth.

After our hearty picnic lunch, I explored the park and was surprised of what I saw, a depth pool like the one in Pangasinan can be enjoyed here! Just 6 feet, with water crashing into the stones on the other side, a  depth pool arose. People dived into it jovially while others preferred to watch. 👀

I wasn’t able to capture its other attractions because it’s low tide that time. But according to people who already came here before me, the stones that look like ladder forms into a mini waterfall when the water becomes high.

Breathtaking view. Worth the trek.

A little trek will get you this awesome view. The stones are sharp so be careful going up and down. Guides can assist you in the trek, I DIY-ed.

Day 3

Floating with the clouds. Wishing I can stay here.

Leaving on a Good Friday. Van ride going to Tacloban was about 2 hours. We ate lunch first at a nearby eatery then checked in for our 1pm flight, Manila bound at Danilo Romualdez Airport.

A new destination awaits come Saturday. I’m taking my parents to a farm in Laguna. I will be posting about it too so watch out for it.

Thank you for the love and see you next, lovely travellers!

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