Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Missing the chance to witness hot air balloons flying in the sky every single year, I promised myself that this year I will be there.

Torn between going the commute way or availing the services of a travel agency, I weighed my options. Many of my friends advised me not to go on comnute because it will be very difficult specially when it’s already time to go home. They heard that people either depart early from the venue or wait until the volume of people going home turns low for them to be able to ride the bus comfortably, and it could be so late in the evening. For the convenience it offers, I opted to go via I Love Adventours.

We departed at 10pm at McDonald’s Panay Ave., their pick up point and arrived at Clark, Pampanga around 4am after some short stops along the way. Because of the increasing number of vehicles entering the venue, we opted to walk to save time. I did not expect that it will be crowded since it was already the second day of the festival. Others, usually families, even set up tents for them to comfortably enjoy the show. I just stood there waiting for everything to happen, excited as a child. 🎈

Here are some moments on the festival.

While waiting for the hot air balloons.

The Philippine Flag descending while the Philippine National Anthem is being sung.

What I didn’t like was the way out of the venue. There were no clear exit directions and the road that we took ended in a two-lane exit which was not enough to fit all the crowd. Crowd control was poorly done. And since it was noon time, with the sun blazing hot on our heads, people, specially the young and the old were put to risk of dehydration and heat stroke.They should have placed clear exit signs and a wider exit space. I wish they will improve this things for the next hot air balloon festival.

Thank you I Love Adventours: Ms. Roan and Ms. Ruffa for accomodating me in a short notice.

Fly and soar high my lovely travellers!