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Continuing my Holy Week Holiday, I brought my parents to Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay Laguna to breathe some fresh air and relax farm-style. Looking for a place where my parents can just relax and rather than taking them to the beach, I decided that this is the best place for them.

At the foot of Mount Banahaw lies Costales Nature Farms, first in Agritourism in the Philippines. We were given a guided tour and stayed overnight at Villa Josefa, a kubo house for 3 people. Booking a room includes free breakfast. And the food! I was blown away.

How to get here:

Check out their website and click on how to get there. You will be guided well with street posters along the way starting at Calamba. I just followed what they posted there.

8am: Rode a bus with a Sta. Cruz Laguna signage, informed the bus assistant that we will alight at SM Calamba

9:30am: Drop off at SM Calamba, searched for vans going to Lucban,Quezon. Since it was holy week, there were not so many vans available so we waited in line for an hour and a half before we were able to ride one

11am: Rode a van going to Costales Nature Farms

12:30pm: Arrived at Costales Nature Farms

We were greeted warmly at the reception and after checking my reservation, we were assisted to our room. Then we proceed to having lunch at their hall. Servings were good for 2 to 3. We ate Chop Suey for lunch and it was delicious.

Villa Josefa

Sir Onil went with us for the guided farm tour. I learned that there were other variety of lettuce. And the farm animals only eat vegetables! It really surprised me and inspired me to eat my greens.

Inside Villa Josefa

Dinner is served!

Starting the day with a hearty breakfast.

All in all it was a great experience and I definitely recommend coming here for those who want to enjoy the farm and do some healthy living. They offer various packages and seminars as well for those interested with farming. You can also buy some plants, souvenirs and pasalubong at their shop.

I hope you find this post interesting. Thank you for reading. Leave a comment down below or if you have any questions, feel free to post them down and I’ll gladly answer as best as I can.


Costales Nature Farms

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