Boracay: For The First-Timers

Named as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Boracay Island in Aklan, Philippines is a top tourist destination. During summer months (March to May), Boracay is one of the places where people go to to spend their vacation. Former students go here to celebrate their school graduation. Others came for business and leisure. They also have an event every first day of May which is known as Laboracay, celebrating Labor Day which is a holiday for all people who work.

Marry Goes to Boracay!

Summer is Boracay’s peak season and it is the greatest time to experience it for the first time. We booked our flights on the last week of May because we were hoping that the green algae that was often seen in the beach will be less by that time. This green algae starts to show by the month of March and clears by June to July. The locals say that it is what keeps the Boracay sand white.

Day 0

We had a delayed flight with AirAsia bound to Kalibo from NAIA Terminal 4. We took an evening flight and I was worried if there public transportation was still available going to Caticlan and to our hotel by 7pm which was our estimated time of arrival to Kalibo. So I did some research and found Island Star Express, who offered airport-to-hotel transfers. I checked their reviews on TripAdvisor and consulted my friends about it. When they agreed, I booked the three of us and I was so glad that I did. It was a very hassle-free experience with Island Star Express. Upon arrival at Kalibo Airport at 7:30pm, I sent a message to their published mobile number. Without their reply, I saw their logo and counter near the exit together with other companies who offer the same services. I approached the lady manning the counter and gave my name. We paid an additional 50php for delayed flights after 7pm which was stated in their policy so I was not surprised. Each of us were given stickers with the company logo on it which we placed on our clothes. I guess this was their way of knowing that we were part of their guest list. Then we were ushered to the side and was escorted outside the airport. They let us sit down for a bit then we followed our driver to the van. We were the only passengers for that night and we enjoyed that part very much. We talked to our driver and he said that it’s usual to have less passengers at night, and mostly they are either a family or a group of friends who took evening flights after their working hours. We fit to the group of friends category.

AirAsia flight bound to Kalibo.

After the ride in the van, we entered Caticlan Port and registered our names for the boat ride to Cagban Port. We were guided by a representative from Island Star Express going to the boat. The staff if Island Star Express were well-coordinated. We seated ourselves and waited for other passengers. We noticed some who where also on the same flight with us. Looks like we have the same destination. *wink*

Snap at Caticlan Port while waiting for our boat ride.

After the 15-minute boat ride, we alighted the boat and set foot at Cagban Port. From there, a staff from Island Star Express approached us and led us to an awaiting van that will take us to our hotel. We arrived at our hotel a little before 10pm.

Cagban Port at night.

I booked a 4-bed dorm type room for the three of us at MNL Beach Hostel – Boracay. I chose this hostel because it’s within our budget and it’s location is very accessible to Bulabog Beach, White Beach, and D’Mall. No one was booked on the fourth bed according to the hostel staff so we get to enjoy our privacy.

Reception area of MNL Beach Hostel – Boracay.

Day 1

We woke up at 7am and ate breakfast at the hostel’s rooftop. We get to interact with tourists from Spain, Angola, and Nigeria who were also staying there. Hostel’s breakfast includes some bread, choices of spreads, boiled egg (1 per person only), banana, and a choice between coffee or orange juice. We chose which activities we will be doing and talked to the front desk staff about it. They assisted us and took us to Bulabog Beach where all the fun starts.

More of our Boracay trip on my next post! Thank you for reading!

Click link above to check Island Star Express website and their TripAdvisor reviews here.

Cheers to more travels!✈️