Oh my Guimaras!

One of the provinces in Panay Region, Guimaras is only a 15-minute boat ride from Iloilo. Before going home to Manila from our trip to Isla de Gigantes in Carles last year, I decided to include Guimaras to our itinerary. If you are planning to go to Iloilo, I recommend that you visit Guimaras as well and other nearby provinces.

Home of the Sweetest Mangoes: Guimaras


📍How to get there:
✈️From Manila, we took a flight going to Iloilo via Cebu Pacific Air. After our 2D1N tour to Isla de Gigantes, we stayed at a hotel near Ortiz Wharf to prepare for the Guimaras side trip.

⚓️There are two Wharfs in Iloilo where you can ride a boat that will take you to Guimaras, one is Ortiz Wharf and the other is Parola Wharf. During my visit, we took the Parola Wharf after talking to a local who said that the waves were strong at Ortiz Wharf so they did not allow boats to sail. You can take a tricycle or a jeepney to get to Ortiz or Parola Wharf. After registering our names and paying 15 php for the ride, we boarded the boat and waited till its full before it started its course to Jordan Wharf, Guimaras’ capital.

Boat ride to Guimaras. Who’s excited? ⛵️


Alighting at Jordan Wharf in Guimaras, we were greeted warmly by the people. A few steps away from the port, their Tourism Office stood and we were accommodated accordingly. We were given a map of Guimaras and offered options on what transportation we will use and their corresponding fees and was asked of places we wish to visit for our tour. After settling, we were assigned to a driver who was also our guide for our Guimaras tour.

**I hope that the other provinces will also adapt this system because it makes traveling to new places a lot easier. Thumbs up! 👍 **

Going to Raymen’s Resort in Nueva Valencia took us more than an hour. Upon arrival at the resort, we inquired for island hopping tours and was led inside the resort to where the booth of operators were situated. The island hopping tour starts at 500php for 2 hours and 150php for the succeeding hour.

Islands visited were:

  • Ave Maria Islet
  • Pawikan Island
  • Baras Beach and Cave
  • Fairy Castle

Big waves 🌊

Jump shot at Ave Maria Islet


There are other islands that you can go to aside from what is listed above. The weather was bad when we got to Guimaras and for safety reasons, we were not able to see the other islands. We just spent time on each island while waiting for the waves to calm down and swam on Alubihod Beach.

We contacted our driver/guide after we showered at Raymen’s Resort. He showed us a mango plantation along the road then took us to the Trappist Monastery where we prayed at the church and bought pasalubong.

Feeling hungry, our Guimaras trip won’t be complete without dining at The Pitstop. We sampled their Mango Spaghetti and Mango Pizza which you’ll taste only in Guimaras. I recommend that you try it too. I didn’t expect that it will be so yummy. I want to take some home but unfortunately, its shelflife will not make it to our departure date.

Our last stop was at Guimaras Capitol. After taking some pictures, we rushed to Jordan Port to make it to the last boat to set sail that day, around 5 to 6pm.

You may also want to add land tours in your itinerary. We are pressed for time and budget so we skipped the part but on beautiful sunny days I think it will be very nice to see their land attractions. I suggest that you stay a night at Guimaras to complete their land and island hopping tours and to fully enjoy Guimaras. Going there during the dry season will be best.

💸Expenses: (in Philippine Peso)

  • Boat ride: 15 x 2 = 30
  • Guimaras tour for 5 hours (with tip): 750/3 = 250
  • Entrance Fee at Raymen’s Resort: 25
  • Island Hopping Tour at Raymen’s Resort (with tip): 750/3 = 250
  • Pasalubong shopping at Trappist Monastery: 500 – 1000
  • The Pitstop: 600/3 = 200

Total: 755 (excluding pasalubong which will depend on how much will you spend)

Suggested budget for Guimaras Trip: 1500 – 3000 This budget will depend on your headcount because it goes without saying that you get to spend less when you share expenses with other people. Going solo will be a little expensive, but if you will wait for a group of tourists that will take you with them and let you share on the fees, then it will be superb. You may find rooms in Raymen’s Resort that will suit your needs and budget. Their cheapest room for 2 were priced at 1500 for a night. But if you want to get the best, I suggest you look for exclusive resorts at Guimaras. Doing a lot of research before a trip will make you ready and your experience satisfactory.


Raymen’s Resort click link to check on their website where online reservations are available.

Thanks for dropping by, and see you ’round! ❤️